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The original Vimax used to be available in 60 capsule bottles, like many of the other products available today.

Doctors are continually driving to improve the world’s leading combination, and now the super concentrated 30 capsule version means you have to take less pills for even better results.

Vimax Pills can help you with:

  • Lack of sex drive
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Following our approved plan you should take just one Vimax tablet per day to ensure that one bottle will last you a full month. Do not think that taking two pills per day will speed up the process because it won't!

After many years of research and continued research, Vimax is without a doubt 100% natural and 100% safe, giving you gains of up to 3-4inches in length (with the average being an increase of a whopping 37%) and up to 1 inch in your girth diameter (the average is a huge 23%). Now you can discover first-hand what the world’s leading formula can do for you.

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What Ingredients Are In Vimax?

Made from a blend of ingredients that have been developed by scientists the ingredients are as follows:

  • Epimedium Sagittatum
  • Ginkgo
  • Ginseng
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Cayenne Fruit

There is one important ingredient there and we will explain why it is important and how the body reacts to it.

Non-surgical penis enlargement

Gain 1 to 3 inches in length and 0.5 inches in girth by taking this daily supplement

No Side Effects

We have received no reports of side effects, but we always advise that you condult with your GP first

60 Day Guarantee

Try Vimax Pills for two months - if you're not happy send the empty bottles back for a full refund Read more...

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Penis Size Gains

Are you totally satisfied with your Penis Size? If you are reading this now, then you probably want more length and girth - why wouldn't you, whether you are average or bigger a recent survey of men showed that 94% would like a bigger penis if they had to make little effort to get one!

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90% of men fall into the average category!

See the charts below that show average penis growth over the course of just a few months:
Vimax Penis Growth
This pie chart shows on the average overall size gains people can see if they stick to the monthly course, this as per the above growth image shows what could happen after six months of taking Vimax Pills: Vimax Pie Chart
Being average used to be ok, but with so many people being average, having that extra inch or three can make all the difference to your love life, so if you want more than 6 inches in length, and if you think your partner will enjoy the better sex life you will provide, then make haste and give this fantastic product a try today.

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Until the 1990' real penis enlargement was a dream, desired by men but impossible to achieve. Herbal ingredients have been around for many centuries, but it wasn't until the homeopathic movement really started to take hold that Western Doctors realised what could be achieved by combining herbal ingredients that had been used safely by humans in the East for many thousands of years.

Read all about the Super Herbs that have been combined to give you the most potent male formula ever.

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