What are the benefits of using Vimax?
The benefits of using it regularly will eventually manifest themselves as increased energy, stronger erections and an improved desire to want sex all the time. The advantage of this is that there is no surgery involved.
What are the complete ingredients?
A full list of the ingredients that are contained in Vimax can be found on our ingredients page here
The best way to take Vimax for best results?
There are 30 tablets in each bottle. One for each day of the month, so you should take one tablet per day preferably before breakfast.
Is there any danger of side effects?
The ingredients used in them along with its special blend mean that there should be no adverse effects of using it. If you are concerned then we always recommend you talk to your doctor first.
Do I stop when I see results?
After 6 months of continuous use you should start to see some growth and advantages, keep on going though because you will still get the benefit of improved blood flow and energy along with a better libido.
Do you use discreet packaging?
Yes, all of our packaging is discreet, there will be no markings to indicate that you have ordered this.
What shows on my bank statement?
There will be mention of them on your bank statement or the fact that you have ordered any adult or male enhancement products.
These are similar to the questions that we get all the time. We have a lot of potential customers that are unsure about whether they should be using products such as this, whether they may be dangerous, or worried about the stigma attached to products such as this. We've heard them all, so if you're worried or a bit apprehensive then please don't be. Contact is anytime and we will guide you through the measures we take to ensure that the product is safe to take, that your privacy is our highest priority and that nobody will know what is in your packages.

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